Diaspora Engagement in Business and Economic Development

Location:  Ballroom East

As this year’s conference focuses on leveraging the diaspora’s political and economic power for the good of Haiti, the Diaspora Engagement in Business and Economic Development panel looks to engage the audience on a frank, transparent, and realistic discussion on what it actually means to identify and pursue business opportunities and economic development activities as a member of the diaspora.  The panelists will explore the role of the Haitian diaspora in contributing to economic development in the country, but will also look at the very real obstacles and challenges that face any member of the diaspora who is thinking about investing, working and collaborating on the homeland.

The panelists will explore their very unique experiences in setting up businesses, engaging our compatriots and practical lessons learned from their endeavors.  The panel will also discuss perceptions, collaboration and the very real barriers that the diaspora must understand in order to collaboratively engage in business and economic development.  Panelists will address policy and practical actions, developing relationships with local stakeholders, identifying the right ministries or partners that will champion opportunities.  In addition, they will discuss leveraging resources and relationships to support opportunities that ideally will positively impact the country.  Attendees will gain clear perspective of the challenges and opportunities Haiti offers, but also gain a realistic, pragmatic understanding of how to support economic development.

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