Keynote Speakers

Ambassador Paul Altidor

Ambassador Paul Altidor

Embassy of Haiti in Washington DC

Ambassador Altidor spent his early years where he was born in Jérémie, Haiti. He attended primary school in Jérémie then studied at the Centre d’Etudes Secondaire in Port au Prince. His family later moved to Boston where he completed his secondary education. Ambassador Altidor received his undergraduate degree from Boston College. He earned an advanced degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also pursued graduate studies in law and economics at the University of Paris X, in France. Before taking office, Ambassador Altidor was Vice President at the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund in Washington, D.C. Ambassador Altidor has an extensive private sector background. As a management consultant, he counseled firms in many countries on corporate governance and responsibility. In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake Ambassador Altidor led a team of professors and researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Community Innovators Lab down to Haiti. At the request of Haitian authorities, the team provided guidance to reconstruction officials on housing policy and financing. Prior to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Ambassador Altidor worked at the International Finance Corporation where he advised governments on infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships. He has also worked for the World Bank. Ambassador Altidor has taught at Ecole Supérieure Catholique de Droit de Jérémie, a law school in his native town of Jérémie, and he is a frequent speaker at universities in Haiti and the U.S.

Francois Guillaume

Minister Francois Guillaume II

Minister, Ministère des Haïtiens Vivant à l’Etranger (MHAVE)

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François Guillaume II is the current Minister of Haitian Living Abroad, he was appointed to his present post in the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE) in April 2014.

As an economist, his decade long experience in senior finance and accounting positions, led Mr. Guillaume in 2006 to open his own consulting firm GuiLac that specializes in business/economic development and financial consulting services, where his firm has consulted and managed multi-million dollar organizations in the areas of finance, accounting, marketing and international business. GuiLac has also been involved in drafting CEDS (Community Economic Development Strategies) for municipalities in South Florida. Additionally, GuiLac provides business solutions through private-public partnership pairing models, and through the leveraging of debt and equity capital.

Mr. Guillaume has also, from 2007 to 2012, served as the Executive Director of the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF), which strives to promote and protect Haitian-American business interests, as well as promote investment in Haiti.

Since 2002 Mr. Guillaume has been involved in shaping US policy towards Haiti in matters of governance and economic development, having collaborated with such organizations as the United Nations and the U.S.A.I.D, as well as various members of the US Congress.

Mr. Guillaume has served as an economic development consultant to the council of Florida Governor Bush’s Haiti Advisory Group. He served on the Board of Miami-Dade County’s Community Action Agency from 2008 to 2011 (CAA is an agency that is committed to providing services that assist low-income individuals and families to gain self-sufficiency and economic independence, through a comprehensive list of programs that address a number of needs) and in 2009 he was appointed by Governor Charlie Crist to be one of the state’s Census 2010 Complete Count Committee members.

Mr. Guillaume was also nominated in February 2010 to serve on the board of the Florida Black Business Support Corporation (FBBSC) (d/b/a Access Florida Finance Corporation), which is a statewide black business investment corporation and provides several services to Black owned businesses in the State of Florida under the Black Business Loan Program (BBLP).

In December 2011, Mr. Guillaume was appointed by his Excellency President Michel Joseph Martelly and his Excellency Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Lamothe, as the new Consul General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami.

Mr. Guillaume has received numerous recognitions and holds Bachelor’s degrees in both International Relations and Economics as well as a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in economic policy from Florida International University.

GuiLac accomplishments:

- Represented several Haitian firms in US in areas of promoting Haitian products in the US through sector-specific marketing strategies.
- Provided business development and fiscal consulting to several firms in South Florida.
- Was awarded an IDB sponsored sub-grant to do a feasibility study on the growing, picking, transformation and commercialization of the Jatropha plant for an investor wishing to produce jatropha-based biodiesel in the Dominican Republic.
- Business consultant to a Haitian hotel investor where we created a new hotel feasibility study, negotiated with various hotel chains and presented business plan to potential investors – all of which resulted in client signing preliminary franchise agreement with Hilton.

HACCOF accomplishments:

- As its first Executive Director, established a presence as a business development and trade promotion entity for Haitian and Haitian-American businesses both in Florida and in Haiti. - Defended the interests of Haitian-American businesses both at the governmental local and state levels as well as the trade and investment interests of Haitian businesses in Haiti at the federal level (Dept of Commerce, US Chamber of Commerce, State Dept, USAID, BID…)
- Keynote speaker at the Haiti Private Sector Economic Forum in March 2010 championing the need for more Diaspora investment partnership both in Haiti and US.
- Promoted the creation or reactivation of Haitian-American Chambers of Commerce in Atlanta, New York and Boston.
- Devised a plan that would establish a business incubator in Miami for Haitian-American businesses in key sectors
- Devised a strategic plan on how to integrate Haiti earthquake survivors who moved to Miami into the Miami job and entrepreneurial markets.

CGHM accomplishments:

- Established a three-fold strategic plan that would: 1) revamp Haiti’s image abroad through various types of tourism and investment forums, 2) establish the Consulate’s presence into its communities as a service-oriented governmental entity, 3) activate business diplomacy.
- Revamped the Consulate’s organizational structure making its commercial and cultural/tourism and communication sectors functional and engaging.
- Established partnerships with community organizations that enabled us to organize quasi-monthly commercial or cultural events in the community.
- Unfolded our Haiti Invest series of investment forums with presentations by CFI and several other gvt entities.
- Organized for the President of the Senate to give a speech at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce who gave a testimony of how parliament is working with executive to establish an investor-friendly environment.
- Unfolded the first of its kind billboard promotion campaign on major highways of Miami.
- Laid out initial plans and protocol requirements to open a Consulate in Puerto Rico.
- Revamped the aesthetic and structural aspect of the building, making it more business friendly and appealing both for clients and employees.
- Met with Alabama governor and other Alabama stakeholders opening trade, commercial and investment opportunities between Haiti and Alabama.
- Established relationships and good rapport with media community enabling us to promote Haiti gvt initiatives and programs.
- Established a presence in other heavily Haitian inhabited Florida communities by providing mobile consular services (West Palm Beach, West Florida…).

Linda Dorcena Forry

Senator Linda Dorcena Forry

State Senator, Massachussetts

In April 2013, after a highly competitive special election, Linda Dorcena Forry was elected to the Massachusetts State Senate. Senator Forry, a native Bostonian, is the first woman and person of color to represent the Commonwealth's 1st Suffolk District, a diverse and thriving cross-section of Boston which includes Dorchester, Hyde Park, Mattapan and South Boston.

For almost two decades, Senator Forry has dedicated her professional life to a career in public service, working in various capacities in both state and local government. As a first generation Haitian-American, Senator Forry gained from her parents a strong work ethic and an understanding of the transformational power of education, and recognized the value of civic engagement from an early age.

Elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2005 for the Commonwealth’s 12th Suffolk District, Senator Forry chaired the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Business, where she quickly became an authority on the concerns facing small businesses. During her tenure as a State Representative, Senator Forry was also the Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Service, as well as a member of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, and the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

Currently, Senator Forry chairs the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, and is a member of the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities; Joint Committee on Education; Joint Committee on Housing; Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse; and Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs. Senator Forry continues to play a leadership role on immigration issues at both state and federal level. As the only Haitian American elected official in Massachusetts, Senator Forry remains committed to rallying her colleagues, advocates and immigrant groups across the state relative to issues significant to ethnic communities.

In June 2013, Senator Forry was honored by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce as one of Greater Boston’s 2013 Ten Outstanding Young Leaders. In May 2012, she received an Honorary Law Degree from Pine Manor College. Senator Forry serves on several boards, including: the National Haitian American Elected Officials Network (NAEHON), Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester, College Bound Dorchester, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Board of Overseers, and the Boston Foundation Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Fund Advisory Council.

Senator Forry holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Boston College Carroll School of Management and has received her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Senator Forry and her husband, Bill, are the proud parents of four children and live in the Lower Mills neighborhood of Dorchester.


Dr. Ludovic Comeau, Jr.

Associate Professor, DePaul University

Vice President, GRAHN-World

President, GRAHN-USA

DePaul University and GRAHN-World Ludovic Comeau Jr is an Associate Professor at DePaul University, where he’s taught economics since 2001. As a Fulbright scholar in the 1990s, he earned a PhD in business economics, an MBA in fi-nance and an MA in economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also holds an MA in French Literature from the University of Chicago, and a BS in business administration and a Law de-gree from the State University of Haiti. Prior to the 1990s, he amassed a vast managerial experience in Haiti’s private and public sectors, while being involved in humanitarian work. In the late 1990s, following graduate school in the U.S., he worked at Haiti’s central bank as chief economist. His re-search focuses on the politics and institutional dimensions of economic growth.

Since the 12 January 2010 earthquake, Dr. Comeau has intensified his focus on matters related to his country. He’s spo-ken and lectured extensively on Haiti. He’s participated in several symposiums and forums organized by groups in Haiti’s vast Diaspora. He joined GRAHN-World, (Group for Reflection and Action for a New Haiti, or GRAHN-Monde in French;, an unprecedented Haitian think-tank that emerged in Canada one week after the earthquake, and is present in seven countries on three continents. He is currently vice-president at GRAHN-World and president of GRAHN-USA. He is a founding editor of Haïti Perspectives, GRAHN’s scientific journal, and president of the Interna-tional Jury for GRAHN’s Excellence Awards. He is professor and trustee at the Institute for Science, Technology, and Advanced Studies of Haiti (ISTEAH,, GRAHN’s accredit-ed graduate program, in Haiti. He is a consultant for the central bank of Haiti.

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings

Assistant Professor of Business Law University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

PhD Candidate at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management

Michael Cummings is an Assistant Professor of Business Law at University of Nevada Las Vegas and a PhD Candidate at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. Michael studies entrepreneurship with a special interest in the legal and policy dimension of new business creation. He is a co-author of an International Migration Institute working paper on the origins of Diaspora Engagement Institutions and has several additional papers currently undergoing peer review. His dissertation focuses on the economic and political impacts of diaspora engagement policies in developing countries. Michael received his B.S. in English Literature from Utah Valley University (Orem, Utah), his M.P.A. in Public Management and J.D. from Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah), and expects to defend his Ph.D. dissertation later this year.


Minister Wilson Laleau

Ministry of Economy and Finance

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Monsieur Wilson Laleau est né à Saint-Louis-du-Nord le 7 juin 1963 dans une famille chrétienne. Il fit ses études classiques à l’école des Frères de l’Instruction de Chrétienne de sa ville natale, au Lycée Tertulien Guilbaud de Port-de-Paix puis au Collège Les Normaliens Réunis à Port-au-Prince.

Diplômé du Centre des Techniques de Planification et d’Economie Appliquée (CTPEA, Haïti), il a poursuivi des études post-graduées en France (Paris I, en Sciences Politiques), à l’Institut International d’Administration Publique (IIAP) en Politique Economique et en Hollande à l’Institute of Social Studies (ISS), à la Haye. Il détient deux diplômes d’études supérieures spécialisées (DESS) en Coopération et Développement et Politique Économique, et un Master of Arts (MA) en Économie du développement.

Il est marié et père de 4 enfants et a toujours vécu en Haïti en dehors de ses périodes de formation à l’étranger. Comme économiste, il a fait carrière en tant que professeur au Centre des Techniques de Planification et d’Economie Appliquée (CTPEA), à l’Université Quisqueya (UNIQ) et à l’Université d’Etat d’Haïti (UEH.

M. Laleau a également travaillé comme consultant pour les principales institutions internationales établies en Haïti comme le PNUD, la BID, la Banque Mondiale, l’UNICEF ainsi que pour le gouvernement haïtien.

De 1997 à 2001, M. Laleau a travaillé comme chargé de mission à la Commission Nationale à la Réforme Administrative (CNRA). A ce titre, en plus de travailler à l’élaboration d’une politique de restructuration générale de l’administration publique haïtienne, il a eu la charge du Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Agents de la Fonction Publique qui devait définir des programmes de formation en support aux réformes à mettre en œuvre.

De Mars 2000 à Novembre 2001, il a été nommé coordonnateur national du programme d’assistance préparatoire à la modernisation de l’Etat (PNUD/Gouvernement Haïtien).

Après des années de service dans la fonction publique et la coopération internationale avec une intense présence parallèle dans l’enseignement universitaire, il décide en 2003 de relever le défi de contribuer à la réforme de l’Université en se portant candidat au poste de vice-recteur aux affaires académiques de l’UEH. Il a été élu à ce poste, puis réélu en 2008.

Au cours de ses 8 années passées comme vice-recteur aux affaires académiques de l’UEH, M. Laleau a lancé et conduit des chantiers majeurs qui ont modifié durablement l’Université d’État d’Haïti. Il a notamment introduit la refonte des curricula, les programmes de maitrise, le service du registraire, l’implantation et le renforcement des facultés de départements et de nombreux programmes d’échanges avec des universités du monde entier et en particulier du monde francophone.

Il a laissé en 2011 le poste de vice-recteur pour rejoindre l’équipe du Président Martelly. Il a notamment contribué à l’élaboration du programme économique du Président Martelly. Depuis octobre 2011, il est Ministre du Commerce et de l’Industrie. Dans ce Ministère qu’il a trouvé particulièrement affaibli, le Ministre Laleau s’affirme comme un bâtisseur qui veut transformer ce ministère en profondeur, convaincu que seul le développement des entreprises permettra de créer les emplois massifs inscrits au programme du Président et du Gouvernement. Travailleur infatigable et généreux il lance des chantiers ambitieux comme notamment le renforcement institutionnel du Ministère, l’amélioration du cadre légal des affaires et l’amélioration des services à la clientèle et le développement du partenariat avec les acteurs des différents secteurs et avec la coopération internationale.

Il a déjà à son actif la réalisation des États généraux sur l’investissement, la modernisation du processus de création des sociétés anonymes dont le délai d’enregistrement est déjà passé de 105 jours à moins 10 jours, le recensement général des entreprises. Il a déjà également réalisé 4 projets-phares : 1) la mise en place du Centre de développement de l’entreprise et de l’Entreprenariat (CDEE), 2) le lancement du projet des micro-parcs industriels, 3) le concours de l’Innovation, 4) la mise en place du Bureau haïtien de normalisation et du laboratoire de métrologie. Dans le même temps, il a lancé des dossiers stratégiques pour Haïti (réforme du secteur GPL, augmentation des réserves stratégiques de produits pétroliers, révision des tarifs douaniers) et pour la région Caraïbes (projet « produits champion » avec les pays l’Association des États de la Caraïbe, projet de marine marchande caribéenne). Il met aussi beaucoup l’accent sur la promotion du commerce extérieur comme principal vecteur pour attirer les investissements directs étrangers et favoriser la création massive d’emplois dans l’économie haïtienne.

En avril 2012, il est nommé Ministre de l’Économie et des Finances, tout en restant chargé d’assurer l’intérim comme Ministre du Commerce et de l’Industrie. L’une de ses réalisations emblématiques au Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances a été la préparation du budget de l’année 2013-2014, dans lequel il a introduit 50 mesures appelées à transformer durablement le rôle de l’État dans le financement des entreprises et le développement de l’économie. Il faut aussi noter à son actif au MEF la réalisation de l’atelier sur les stratégies de croissance et le lancement du plan de valorisation de la région du Môle Saint-Nicolas.

M. Laleau a assumé pendant plus d’une année cette double fonction ministérielle, montrant clairement les bienfaits pour le pays d’une vraie synergie entre ces deux ministères, le premier qui pense le développement commercial et industriel, le second qui met de fait les moyens au service des options et stratégies de développement retenues. Avec le dernier changement du Cabinet ministériel de mars 2014, M. Laleau quitte le Ministère de l’Économie pour se consacrer entièrement au portefeuille du Commerce et de l’Industrie.

Au cours de ses différents mandats aux Ministères du Commerce et de l’Industrie et de l’Économie et des Finances, il a marqué de son empreinte les organismes de coopération régionale et multilatérale. Il a été notamment un des principaux acteurs de la Présidence tournante exercée par Haiti sur la Caricom entre 2012 et 2013. Il a marqué les deux sommets organisés en Haiti en 2013 par la Caricom et l’Association des États de la Caraibe. Il a également amélioré de manière significative l’implication et l’Image d’Haiti dans les instances internationales spécialisées dans le Commerce (OMC, CNUCED, ITC).

Parallèlement, M. Laleau garde, comme depuis toujours, une forte implication dans des initiatives à caractère éducatif et social au bénéfice de la Jeunesse. Il est président depuis plus dizaine d’années d’une équipe de football évoluant en première et en deuxième division nationale. Il est également fondateur depuis 2007 d’un mouvement dénommé Initiatives Nord-Ouest, regroupant et encadrant des jeunes de son département d’origine par la promotion de l’éducation, de la culture et des sports.

Monsieur Laleau a publié plusieurs articles scientifiques et participé à la rédaction d’un ouvrage collectif. Il enseigne depuis des années sur l’économie haïtienne à l’Université et publiera bientôt un livre ayant pour titre : Haiti : L’économie politique de la pauvreté.


Ambassador Danielle Saint-Lot

Ambassador - at - Large of the Republic of Haiti for Women's Empowerment

Born in Pétion-Ville, Haiti, Ambassador at Large Danielle Saint-Lot has spent much of her career focused on promoting women’s rights and business development in Haiti. She has been Haiti’s first female Minister of Commerce and Industry and has held several other key positions in Haiti’s government including Minister of Tourism. She is an associate at Caribbean Business Consulting (CBC) and co founder of Femmes en Démocratie, the Haiti Chapter of Vital Voices Global Partnership. She also served as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti. She has worked as program coordinator or consultant for different international organizations. Her main areas of expertise are business and private sector development, politics and local governance, women political and economic empowerment, public and government affairs.

Ambassador Saint-Lôt sees herself as a “Connector”. She brings her strong private and public experience and her personal convictions about local economic development through business opportunities, education and women empowerment. She holds a B.A. in International Relations from the Haiti National Institute for Management and International Relations. She also earned a degree in International Economic Relations from the Institute for International Public Administration of Paris, France.

She is a member of Vital Voices Global Advisory Council. She also serves as member of the Steering Committee of the Haiti Hope Project of The Coca Cola Company supporting mango farmers. She is a Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards honoree. She has been one of the four recipients of the First Annual DVF Awards to honor women for Exceptional Leadership. She is the only Haitian from Haiti who had the privilege to ring the NYSE bell, in March 2010. In 2012, she has been appointed by President Martelly Ambassador at Large of the Republic of Haiti for Women’s Empowerment.


Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages

22nd Assembly District

A lifelong resident of Elmont, Michaelle Solages was elected to represent the 22nd Assembly District in November 2012. The 22nd Assembly District includes North Valley Stream, Valley Stream, South Valley Stream, South Floral Park, Floral Park, Bellerose Terrace, North Woodmere, Elmont, Stewart Manor, and parts of Franklin Square. Assemblywoman Solages is the highest ranking Haitian-American elected official in New York State and the first Haitian-American elected to a New York State office.

At an early age, Michaelle learned the value of hard work and the importance of a quality education. Michaelle earned a Bachelor's Degree from Hofstra University's School of Education, Health and Human Services. After graduation, Michaelle remained at Hofstra as a supervisor of access services at the University's Axinn Library. Michaelle has helped to empower students through printed material and educational technology. Michaelle has also played a role in the modernization of the library's resources.

Michaelle believes in giving back to the community. As a result, Michaelle has volunteered as a legislative aide and served as an organizer for various civic and nonprofit organizations.

One of Michaelle’s top priorities is fighting for Nassau’s middle class. Michaelle recognizes that a livable wage and safe working conditions are fundamental rights. Michaelle also seeks to be an advocate for environmental conservation, education, and small businesses.

Michaelle currently resides in Elmont with her husband, Nick.


Ambassador Patrick H. Gaspard

U.S. Ambassador

Republic of South Africa

Prior to being appointed U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, Patrick Gaspard served as the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee, a position he held since 2011. Previously, he served as an Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Political Affairs from 2009 to 2011. Prior to that, he was the National Political Director for Obama for America. He served as the Executive Vice President and Political Director for the Service Employees International Union. In 2004, he served as the National Field Director for America Coming Together, and from 2003 to 2004, he was the National Deputy Field Director for Dean for America. From 1998 to 1999, he was the Chief of Staff for the New York City Council.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Gaspard held a number of positions with the City of New York, including Special Assistant in the Office of the Manhattan Borough President and Special Assistant in the Office of Mayor Dinkins.


Raju Singh

Lead Economist and Program Leader

Haiti, Latin America and Caribbean

World Bank Group

Raju Singh is the Lead Economist and Program Leader at the World Bank, overseeing the work on economic policy for Haiti. Prior to that, he was Lead Economist on Central African states at the World Bank and senior economist at the International Monetary Fund where he held positions in the Fiscal Affairs, Asian, and African Departments, working on a wide range of countries and leading missions to China, Cyprus, and Tonga. He was also advisor in the Swiss Executive Director Office, and held positions at the Swiss Finance Administration in Bern and at Lombard Odier & Cie (private banking) in Geneva. He was also a consultant for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, working with the central banks of Rwanda and Tanzania, and taught at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. He has widely published on public finance, intergovernmental relations, and remittances. Mr. Singh holds an MA and a PhD in economics from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva.


Marjorie Alexandre Brunache

Consul General

Haitian Consulate of Boston

Marjorie Alexandre Brunache , Ministre Conseiller was a private practice attorney for ten years in Haiti before she joined the diplomacy.

Graduated from Institution Sainte Rose de Lima
Law, Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economique Port-au-Prince
Master in Conflict Resolution et Global Governance UMASS Boston


Ambassador Bocchit Edmond

New Permanent Representative of Haiti to the Organization of American States (OAS)

On August 8, 2014, Ambassador Bocchit Edmond presented his credentials to the Secretary General of OAS, Jose Miguel Insulza. In attendance at the ceremony were the Assistant Secretary General, Albert Ramdin; the Chair of the Permanent Council and Permanent Representative of Saint Lucia, Sonia Johnny; Haiti’s Ambassador to the U.S., Paul Altidor and several Permanent Representatives accredited to the OAS and the Diplomatic Corps.

The Secretary General praised the exemplary performance of the Haiti’s Mission to the OAS and remembered the outstanding work done by the former Permanent Representative and current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, Duly Brutus.

Ambassador Bocchit Edmond boasts a 23-year career in diplomacy. Ambassador Edmond graduated from the Law Faculty of Port-au-Prince and became a litigating Lawyer until he joined the Haitian diplomatic service.

Prior to his assignment in Washington, D.C., Ambassador Edmond served in Panama, Jamaica, with the Mission to the United Nations in New York City, NY, and in Haiti at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Throughout his diplomatic career Ambassador Edmond proudly represented his country in various international meetings and was one of the negotiators of Haiti’s bids to become a full member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). He has honed his diplomatic skills by participating in various trainings internationally, including in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he attended a Seminar on National Security and Negotiation, and in Great Britain at Oxford University within a program targeting foreign diplomats where he studied International Relations.

Since January 2012, Ambassador Edmond has been the Deputy Permanent Representative of Haiti to the OAS a position which he held until his current appointment as Permanent Representative on June 25, 2014, by the President of the Republic of Haiti, His Excellency Michel Joseph Martelly.