Dumarsais Siméus


Founder, former Siméus Foods International, Inc., a $100+ million food processing company headquartered in Texas


  • Founder, former Siméus Foods International, Inc., a $100+ million food processing company headquartered in Texas
  • Founder, Organisation Sové Lavi (Saving Lives), a nonprofit 501c3 that operates a charitable clinic in Haiti. The organization also drills wells, provides scholarships and more.



  • Former President and Chief Operating Officer of TLC Beatrice Foods International, a $2 billion corporation with operations in 25 countries.
  • Prior to that, lived and ran businesses in Venezuela, France and Spain.
  • Founded Siméus Foods International in 1996 – ranked by Black Enterprise magazine in 1999 as the largest black-owned business in Texas and the eleventh largest in the nation.
  • Was drafted to run for President of Haiti in 2005.
  • Served on the Commission on Building for the University of North Texas at Dallas. He also serves on the boards of Inter-America Foundation, Townsend Capital URP and Business Investment Growth Austin.
  • Siméus served on the Governor Jeb Bush 2005 Advisory Committee for Haiti’s economic development.
  • He also served as an advisor to various ambassadors from throughout the world.


  • President of TLC Beatrice Foods International, the largest black-owned, multinational corporation based in the U.S. at that time
  • Leveraged buyout (LBO) was orchestrated by a team headed by the late Reginald Lewis for a price exceeding $1 billion



  • Founded Organization Sové Lavi (Saving Lives in Haitian Creole) in 2000. Sové Lavi operates a non-profit medical clinic that cares for approximately 800 patients each month and drills wells throughout the community where he was born in Haiti.



  • Siméus has received many honors, including Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young LLP, and the 2003 Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business.
  • He was a finalist for Texan of the Year by WFAA Dallas as well as the Horatio Alger award. He has also been honored on numerous occasions for his humanitarian work in Haiti.
  • The National Coalition for Human Rights;
  • The National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians;
  • Tthe Haitian-Canadian Association;
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Business Development Council, Inc.



  • A dynamic motivational speaker, Siméus has shared his journey and philosophy for success with numerous universities, corporations, and fundraising events, most recently at Tuskegee University’s George Washington Carver Lecture Series.
  • Additionally, he was a keynote speaker for the National Association for the Advancement of Haitians (NOAH), Association des Médecins Haïtiens à l’Étranger, Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc., the National Restaurant Association, the 7-Eleven Corporation celebration of the Martin Luther King Holiday, Chiapas International, Price Waterhouse and the Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Business Development Conference.
  • He has spoken at the University of Chicago Alumni Association, several Chambers of Commerce, the University of Nebraska Medical School, and the Haitian Medical Association.
  • He has been a frequent guest on various Haitian radio and television stations, High Schools/Churches/Other nonprofits.



  • He received his Electrical Engineering degree from Howard University and his MBA from the University of Chicago. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole.