Bruno Surpris

Assistant Vice President – Manager Information Technology Department Moody’s Corporation

My NAHP experience has been very positive. I have been an Advisory Board member for over a year. I am very impressed by the caliber of my fellow Advisory Board Members. We have had some very productive meetings out of which excellent ideas have immerged. This group of people really cares about the Haitian community as well as giving back to the country.

The NAHP annual conference held at Columbia University in the fall of 2013 was very professional. The speakers addressed some of the most pressing issues facing Haiti such as the inadequate health care system, an antiquated justice system, as well as the brain drain. The post conference networking event and charity auction were major hits. I won a Samsung tablet for my 7-year old son. He is still very excited about it and uses it frequently. The band was very good. I made some valuable contacts that I look forward to keeping in touch with. I am looking forward to this year’s conference!


Cedric Chauvet

Board Member/ Chair Diaspora Committee - American of Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) Haiti

November 2013 was my first encounter with the NAHP team and I must say that I was really impressed by their dedication towards strengthening and organizing the Haitian communities based both in the US and in Haiti.

The NAHP initiative brings together a solid group of successful and very well prepared Haitian American professionals evolving in the competitive marketplace of the United States of America.

This being said, I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people of all ages that are doing a remarkable job to secure a better future for generations to come.

It was an honor for me to be included in such a high level Event and I hope that Amcham Haiti and NAHP keep working closely together for the development of Haiti!


Cleve Mesidor

Former Obama Administration Presidential Appointee who spent three and a half years promoting regional economic initiatives and programs as Director of Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration.

Since its inception, the National Association of Haitian Professionals (NAHP) has done an awesome job connecting the Diaspora and creating opportunities for dialogue, promotion, and planning. The online profiles are informative and a valuable resource for identifying potential partners. I commend Serge Renaud and his team on their due diligence!


Windia Dieudonne

Research Analyst - Advertising Sales Strategy

The National Associations of Haitian Professionals is much needed with in the Haitian Community for those aspiring to reach leadership positions in the United States. For some of us, we are the first generation carving are own path in a new culture during challenging economic times. Luckily, the leaders and staff of NAHP possess necessary tools that still prove to be beneficial today as a result of experience and hardship. As a member of this organization, I not only recommend NAHP for its commitment but urge everyone in any career level to join the vision and goals of this group of supporting the on going development of leadership among Haitian Professionals.


Nathasha Nazaire, MA, NCC

ABA Therapist

NAHP’s dedication to connecting like minded Haitian professionals in the community is extensive. I have had the opportunity of working alongside NAHP for their One-Day Symposium event on Haiti Investment and Education. This event brought awareness to the challenges and improvement that are currently happening in Haiti in terms of education, agriculture, and business. In addition this organization has provided scholarships to college-bound Haitian students.NAHP has demonstrated that they are committed to education and career development in the Haitian community. NAHP are all about making a difference and promoting change.


Nathalie Liautaud

Senior Program Advisor at Pan American Development Foundation

I had the great pleasure of being invited to speak at one of NAHP’s symposiums. It was an exceptional experience, and the beginning of an engaging and fruitful relationship. I commend their work on behalf of Haitian Professionals and look forward to our continued interaction.


Philippe Saint-Cyr

Venture Capital for start-ups, SMEs with a social business angle

NAHP is doing some great work in educating the diaspora about business opportunities in the US and Haiti. Attended the conference this past summer where there were over 250 people that attended in Newark NJ.